Thursday, September 15, 2011

In a Day

In a day

It's 6pm. I haven't practiced yoga all day.

I slept in after I fought the sheet I sometimes covered up with, tossing and turning and blaming it for its hot grip. After ignoring my three alarms I periodically rolled out of sleep to check the time on my phone. At 8am there was a text that finally got my ass in gear. It was a friend telling me that the venue for an event I and a handful of couriers want to host our national courier race at is booked on one of the dates, but the owner wants to meet me tomorrow, he can ask and possibly get them to open up the date for us. Time to man up.

Why did I put off the practice?

I jumped on my bike cause I had to leave the hard scene I associated last night's sleep with. It's interesting when you work for yourself because in my line of work I gauge it on how much riding I do. Lately, whatever I can encourage forward with our event during the day is accomplished with emailing in between deliveries or collecting wait time or randomly running into the other couriers at a building's bike rack or the cafe. Midday I took a delivery into the comptroller guaranteeing wait time. I handed the documents to the clerk and excused myself to the bathroom. Leaving the stall, I awkwardly ran into one of the state workers who had been on the team I was in touch with in securing street closures for our courier race. I say awkward because it was obvious my stomach was angry for the Lone Stars I drank the night before, cans that accompanied the cafe work for the courier race I pounded out till I was tipsy and out of dollar bills. He received an email that morning which simply stated our resignation from the downtown course due to lack of funds. Bathroom run with the expanded reality of more than I thought getting flushed down the drain…

Finally at 3:30 I rode through the city like I rarely get to. Out to Chicon in and straight thru to Barton Hills after a drop and pickup from a handoff downtown. More waited downtown afterwards and I raced the clock like I imagine I was an orchestra conductor- Perfect timing at a rate that brings so much together but just as quickly gone.

Done with the bike and home.

Leaving my computer open with chat windows open is never a good idea when you should be doing something else especially before your class you have no plan for and you HAVENT EVEN PRACTICED YOGA. Ok. I jump on my mat and immediately get hit up. It's my friend asking about yoga. She's coming. Cool. close the chat box and get this class started. I move for 5 minutes and then instinctively get up and watch 30 minutes of the Thai yoga class Camilla taught us in Yoga Life I have saved on my laptop. I bring that to class. My friend comes to class 8 minutes early and is the only one.

"Private lesson?"
"We'll see. some people usually show up right when class starts.

By the time we start moving there are 9 people there. Definitely one of the bigger classes I've had in a while. Six of them are there in a pair. I work with my friend that chatted me earlier and she got the benefit of being the demoee as I guided everyone through both being the giver and the receiver. Lucky star. She was on her back for almost an hour as we worked on the legs and hips doing some helicopter, splits and swooshing.

We hung out afterwards and she told me the week before she had an ovarian cycst burst and there is a tumor on her ovary that she has to have removed. The last week kept her off her bike too, an outlet of movement. She said her intention that night was to relax. We might have gotten her a little closer to it :) The swooshing made her feel like all the negative energy she had was being pulled out of her.

I came home and practiced. It felt great. Night practice after a day like today has all the same elements- I collapse all over my mat but I'm sticking to this fantastic life of mine.