Thursday, March 26, 2009

sunny side up

I fly by night.
and have a half moon attitude.
When we go by each other,
I'll flash a sunny smile.

Tomorrow is yesterday's future,
and I'm sure I woke up in a dream.
When did I get ahead of myself?
We got some catching up to do.

I fell from the sky
straight into a body of water.
I held on to a fireball.
Why do i gotta wake up?

Salute the Sun.
Set an intention.
Honor the search for that crescent lover.
We all wane what we can't have.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

when the musix over

We'll be there in a few years
I mean minutes
I mean, what's that melody your humming?
If we stop now we may miss the show.
I remembered to write down the lyrics
cause I know you really like to sing along.
We're stepping on stage
and its your turn to let go.
All of it now.
Quietly, I'll carry this overture
over every broken
Those aren't memorized words your spraying.
Long ago you gave up the past.
Now you're here.
A no age of now.
And now this song is almost over.
And I'm afraid all you are is this song.
And you'll burn up in that fiery last note.
I've already forgotten your face but I bet I can still hum your melody.