Thursday, February 11, 2010

My name is John Trujillo and in June, after 5 years of being a bike messenger, I decided enough was enough and went indie. Its been a roller coaster of an experience but I think this shit might actually work. I saw a market that wasn’t being offered to the community and it was mostly the bike as a practical application to our modern city. Austin has come a long way in the ways of bicycle infrastructure since I moved here in 2000 and began cycling as a commuter. Its not surprising to see most of the ideas our city employs already being a norm in another city when it comes to the bike. A good friend of mine who works for the city passed your info along to me and I'm excited to see what is possible when bike, business and city all exist in a complimentary plane. Right now, most of our clients exist in the downtown metro area, and we were the first independent service to offer lunch/grocery delivery by bike. I just scored a new account tonight that will put us in another zip code delivering groceries and I'm looking at your website realizing the potential of this gig is just getting tapped into here. I'm only a bike messenger/commuter/racer with supportive friends who believe in this, so it's been awesome to come across your website and if you have any "fatherly/motherly advice," I would listen to with openness.
John Trujillo
Beat the Clock Bike Messengers

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

working fir the coffee breaks and the rap lyrics they inspire

I pedal thru the muck
I pedal thru the rain
I pedal past problems
Convinced that I'll gain
Ratios over those
With pain overloads