Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm a yogi.
Not the kind that smell like patchouli but I am probably every other stereotype you may have about yogis.

I talk about being grounded in a practice as a metaphor for life. I set an intention for my practice, honor it with OM and use the breath as a vessel to send that seed of intent to every cell of my body.

And love for the self...
I never said I was a yoga master!

I started teaching a flow class last week and start another this week. I put together a Yoga for Cyclists at LA's bike shop that goes through May. I haven't raced at all this year and have not even renewed my license. I've had some letting go issues over it but nothing like 12-15hrs in a yoga studio a week to clean the slate.

Fret not, there is more cycling in these legs. Beat the Clock is growing and we just signed up Chipotle for some downtown lunch delivery. SXSW was a thriller; lots o work and hordes of people and traffic.

Ive gotta remind myself that I'm not redefining here, just evolving.