Friday, October 23, 2009

RE: hey you

I like to write sometimes because it's a way for me to see how I feel. Once on paper, my words speak back to me as I read and reread what it is that I felt needed to be expressed.

There are some things that will always be the fabric of what we are, but like a seamstress working tirelessely, it's what we are in the process and not the product where truth and beauty lies. Sew urself together.

It can be a real bitch to not think who we are today is what our past made us to be. You are _____ NOW.

I speak not of love because love is not lost and love is everywhere, you just need to stop and really realize what this waking life is not about to realize that. If you need some help: it's not about jealousy, inflicting physical and psychological pain on urself or others, living in the past, investing your future on maybes and ifs. It is about living right now, learning to channel deep emotion into a selfless practice, loving with no expectations or ambition.

Everyone lives with a personal story of pain and suffering. And it is selfish to think or believe your pain and suffering is any greater or more significant than any one elses.

Love is so great to lose grip of because when we learn to love again it feels just like the first time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All Access in Excess; Silver City

Last race of the season was a wet one. The rain let up about twenty minutes before the start and it was actually dry by the finish. Floyd Landis was behind me as we were linin up. I did a double take n then said whattup Floyd? I got my ass pulled at about 45 min.

Bike riding is now for doggie runs,

n grown man bness.

Last weekend was ACL here in Austin. I have never gone to ACL to see music and I didn't have plans this year either. Friday night I went with a friend to go see a free concert at the Power Plant. This iconic building can mostly be seen at night when travelling north on Lamar as you're crossing the river. The neon red lights on the side of the building read, "City of Austin Power Plant." It's an image I can remember from my earliest visits here back in 98 when my brother lived here and I would come for the summer.

I went to the show, but I wanted to see the inside, which happened to be the VIP only section.

Fuck that.

Little ninja action and me n the crew were inside looking for the best spot to dance. Turned out it was wherever we were.

Next night we played the same game. Except this time we brought more movers n a pocket full of VIP passes (did I mention I'm a ninja?). The night turned into early morning and I realized just how much power the building held as I thanked it for two incredible nights of action.

Sunday was recovery day right?


Free pass to ACL and I'm ankle deep in the fukn mud muk. Shitty smelling too.

Backstage for GirlTalk and a few drank while I sing along to Pearl Jam and I'm rollin out to meet my homes at Stubb's for the Ghostland Observatory show. I used to deliver for a law firm when the lead singer was a file clerk there.

Dance trance dance.

This went on till about 5 in the morning. 80's night at Elysium was in there too and I guess that's what I mean by excess.