Monday, August 10, 2009

Camus in the Comptroller

"This world reduces me to nothing. It carries me to the very end. Without anger, it denies that I exist. And, agreeing to my defeat, I move toward a wisdom where everything has already been conquered - except that tears come into my eyes, and this great sob of poetry makes me forget the truth of the world."

"And I want to be this perfect actor. I don't care about my personality and I'm not interested in cultivating it. I don't want to treat my life as an experiment, but to be what my life makes me. It is I who am the experimnet, and it is life that forms and controls me. If I had enough strength and patience, I know how completely impersonal I would become, how far my strength would carry me on the path to active nothingness. What has always held me back is my personal vanity. Today, I can understand that to love, act and suffer is indeed to be alive, but only in so far as we become transparent and accept our fate as a single reflection of a rainbow of different joys and passions. "

"The perfect actor in life is the man who is "acted upon" - and who knows it - passive passion."

Coffee Talk

Nicole, "I feel like crap. I should have worn shorts."

"But you look good."

"That doesn't matter. You only look as good as you feel."

"Where did you learn such truths?"

"...........from staring at myself in the mirror."

-- Post From My iPhone

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Belief

Eastside telecasting
The sun gave birth to a full moon laughing
No more shaded sorrow
On this night
It's one light
& upon tomorrow
We'll rise again
Unfurl within
Cause the nights not out
It's who I am

-- Post From My iPhone

Arabesque for the Lonely

Stenciled 'n designed
Outlined in my mind
The past is forever
Okay in a crime

Showered psychosis
Alone with my focus
Drenched with what's real
And what I know is.....

Static pattern fabric
Or psychosamatic
Hit me with your light
'N please smoke me like an addict

A resolute sublime
A last lunge for the line
An offering within
One breath at a time

Keep it like that
Keep it like that
Keep it like that
Keep it like that

-- Post From My iPhone

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dog days of summer

Oh comptroller.
I wait n I wait.
I don't expect you, bob, to ever stop mumbling to yourself.
My certificate of good standing doesn't have any bearing on my posture.

-- Post From My iPhone

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beat the Clock & Ally and the Rock

Beat the Clock is an all bike messenger service I started with my friend Ian. That means I own a small business and work for myself now. 
CEO Bitch!

I totally pimp myself out now to make sure I continue to get paid to ride my bike for a living. Today I rode Grendel, a steel touring bike belonging to my good friend Mo, with 48, 1lb bags of coffee beans from downtown Austin to Whole Foods San Antonio in the Quarry. I had a few good friends (many thanks go to Sherri, Stefan, Dave and Jonathan) pace me as far as Gruene, TX and then I was solo the rest of the way. It was pretty grueling as the morning overcast skies flamed up with afternoon sun and the Mexican border's silent whispers became heavy headwinded messages. 

My friend, Ally, just got back to Austin from a long bike tour. Her world fell apart when she lost her husband to suicide so she decided to do a lil soul searching while pedaling around the country. In April, she rode from Austin to New York, took a train to Seattle, rode down the west coast, took another train to Iowa and rode across Iowa. She had so many moments that were truly unique and all her own. One day while riding down the coast in California, she spotted a rock all by itself out in the water. The beach was full of rocks just like it, yet this one rock was all alone out there. 
"What are you doing out there?" Ally asked the rock aloud. "Everyone is over here and your all by yourself over there. I mean, you look great with the waves hitting you from several directions, and your all glistey, and the birds seem to like you better cause your covered in their poop. Now that I think of it, you seem really happy with yourself right now and it shows cause you look so beautiful!"
Ally then realized she was talking to herself.