Sunday, June 28, 2009

I raced today

78 mile road race in Fredericksburg started at 1030 during one of the hottest spells the Lone Star State has been through in a while. I can't remember the last time I rode that many miles let alone raced them in the TX Hill Country. A short pedal to a 24 mile loop with 1200 ft of climbing per lap. We were rewarded with a full rolling enclosure (that means we had the whole f'n road to ourselves). I missed my feed on the last lap and rode the last 24 miles with one bottle of hot water.
Cramps, oi cramps!
5 guys finished in front of the field. I played my cards right and won the field sprint for 6th. I was hoping to make a lil scratch, but after entries and a $10 burger, I just broke even.
No doubt today was a long brutal day and there was many displays of brute strength. Fir me, there was a lot of surfing wheels just so I could be sure to finish. So while rcing today, I had time to write a lil diddy. Goes like this:
Sittin on the back
Pickin up the scraps
I'm gonna be
Mr. R. I. P
And when I'm dead and gone
Sing ur kids this song
The story of a life
Written on a bike
(repeat 25x)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too Far To Tell
Im starting to think you never existed at all
so I stuffed a callin card in the mail.
I set the timer,
but couldn't tell.
I kept the lines open
but its way past my bedtime
so come callin in between
sheets or dreams.
A dial tone
when no one's home
& Im still waiting by the phone
Its not enough to love someone.
Stories spread away the stars
and where we are is along some long bedtime story.
Should have been a perfedt ending
but the rush roundtrip kicked us right back where we began.
As long as were starting over
we can end this one on a good note,
good nite,
good bye,
good boy.
Strange it seems these lines were copied out of a book I wrote to myself.
Lines rewrote themselves cause I wanted to hear what Im listening to now.