Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cooling Off

Time to fly.

That's enough heat for now.

I know when the sweat box has sucked all the life lessons out of my body and I barely catch a glance as the water mark rapidly dissipates to vapor.

My mind, like melted wax, attempts to reform in the hours after the sun moves on to terrorize other places. Heat has penetrated everything, though, down to the core. My memory struggles to put it all back together into anything coherent. I keep a sticky note on my mirror in my bathroom reminding myself I'm not a burn victim.

Consecutive days of pedaling over the blistering asphalt moving documents, food, chihuahuas or my body across a finish line has a tendency to burn simple yet effective life lessons into my day to day experience:

1. Don't die.
2. Hurry up and wait.
3. Be the cooling element.

The one cooling element in my life has been suffering lately from overuse and lack of flow- Barton Springs. The water has even gotten murky. It's usual crystal clear water has been cloudy and in some places the bottom is not visible.

Time to go.

Fly to find coolness.

Location:Metropolis Dr,Austin,United States