Thursday, May 27, 2010


rooftop sunset
always facing west
movement suggests
a beautiful death
summer storm
somewhere over there
full moon
foolish man
lone star can
guide a heart to bloom

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Crew

Welcome back, Legolas. Law school will help you argue with the clerks when they won't file yo shit. Get to work, Egi.

PNew. My one time arch nemesis. I now live vicariously through his racing season.

(L-R) Ben, PNew, Egi, Legolas, Tyrone, Parind (groupie). At Little City

All eyes on DMak and his clean whip

I'm missing a few folk, like the Corporate duo and I wanna get one of Kate (even tho she's leaving and won't officially be part of the summer crew).

Things are shaping up for NACCCs in Atlanta. ATX reprazent!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dream When We Wake

Slept downstairs lastnight. I usually do that this time of year; prolongs not having to turn on the A/C. Windows wide, door open, ceiling fan spinning- it's almost like camping.

About 3am I awoke and immediately got up and turned on the oven. No lights- I just turned knobs. I opened the fridge and grabbed my pack of tortillas, took one out, and placed it on a cookie sheet- top shelf of the oven.

Then I went back to sleep and fell into a dream....

I was riding my bike and about to blow a stop sign when I noticed a cyclist, waiting at the same stop sign, sticking their knee out as if to prevent me from rolling right thru. I snaked around, looked back to give a "nice try" look and was struck by the beauty of my would-be road blocker.

I stopped.

"actually I do want to stop with you," I began. We rode and our conversation went something like actions and their effect on reaching a more purposeful you....


Downstairs on my futon. Instinctually I got up wondering if the tortilla was part of the dream as there was no smell and I didn't notice the stove light on. In the darkness, I switched the stove knobs off (it was on!), opened the oven door and reache inside. I pulled out a roasted to perfection, golden brown, crispy tortilla. I took it back to bed with me and, fueled with the nourishment of my dream, crunched on my tortilla till I drifted back to sleep....