Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coffee and Chomsky

Woman: Then what's the trick to holding on and not giving up- because it seems like a lot o people need it.

Chomsky: The trick is not to be isolated- if your isolated, like Winston Smith in 1984, then sooner or later you're going to break, as he finally broke. That was the point of Orwell's story. In fact, the whole tradition of popular control has been exactly that: to keep people isolated, because if you can keep them isolated enough, you can get them to believe anything. But when people get together, all sorts of things are possible.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day, Handstands, Rain and Road.

Labor Day weekend was already stacked with a 60 mi road race and two 75 min crits.
Why'd I have to go dancing and then show up at the 27th annual Full Moon Ride at 2am Sunday morning? Maybe cause I knew Legolas would be there to make
sure we rode it faster than anyone else or maybe its cause I would have not been able to pick up a stolen, split watermelon slice off the H-E-B parking lot turned 4am bicycle encampment and share it for some popcorn and fat tire. Who really knows?
No doubt I took advantage of a free yoga class on Labor Day's Free Day of Yoga.
Two pack finishes, a $100 prime and a 9th place in the race with the best purse.
I'm getting there.
Just need to get used to being turned inside-out-around-upside-down. It's really a heart opener and learning-to-trust-that-which-you-cannot-see-but-supports-you tranquility that frequently reminds me what fear is to me and shallows my breath.
When you've been denied something so vital and elemental to existence for an extended period, the offering just received leaves me wondering if this is a sign of the manys influencing the one.
Give it one more go in Dallas on Thursday night. 75 minutes of blazing fun and then the race wheels go bye bye for a bit. Still on the bike every day tho. Cars and time become the pack and finish line.