Monday, November 24, 2008

Royal Blue 2

A couple tonight bought blue cheese crumbles, an apple and garlic for some stuffed pork chops. A while later another customer bought some sauerkraut and a Pinkus hefe to accompany his pork chops. Mmmmmmm.......

Lech Jankowski sometimes supplying music, but mostly distorting the concepts and opening all the boxes stored above the shelves to find a lost product...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

buried in each other's arms

"their unity in death suggests unity in life."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Royal Blue

Three nights a week I have been working at a small grocery store in downtown Austin. Two of those nights i am here, all alone. It's been pretty interesting considering I have a somewhat active existence down here and now I sit and feed the hungry.

Tonight, I raided a box of samples and ate "Pompuz," bite-sized organic multi-grain crisps, "Nana's," omega-fiber cookie bar, "M13," Assistance health energy functional juice. On the stereo i got an eclectic mix featuring Chuck Mangione, three different artist's rendition of Autumn Leaves, This Will Destroy You, Eliott Smith, Cat Power, Hooverphonic, Hot Chip, the Notwist, Lil Wayne, Al Green, a Janet Jackson and Glsdys Knight tune and more.

Last night was stoner night here. If they weren't coming in sick for cold medicine they were floating in on a personal cloud for ice cream or some other food combo only a THC artist could come up with. My personal favourite was the guy upon realizing we were sold out of eggs was forced to have cereal and milk, microwave popcorn and two boxes of pudding for dinner.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beauty of Chambered Chaos

xi zero (or shavasana)

scripted a story bout you and i
too bad its somewhere
in between these lines
of dream and reality

charged kaon
stabilizing society has its evenness
uninterrupted lines create a necessary flow
we've seen it while standing in line for the show
even your enemies know
don't bite the bullet that feeds

xi minus (or explosions, no why)

strapped to the teeth
he armed the harmless
burst the bubble
dreamt his was penetrable
into the world of make believe
sold the soulless
acres of hope
or what was left
across the divide we marched
beat but not broken
battled but reborn
burned beyond recognition

antielectron photon
between you and i
where was the tragedy?
doubled over and bent
hued in color
no blazes no glory

electron (or chasing dreams)
what's your message?
i got mine
a delivery for the destitute
don't forget it this time

sigma plus (or another sunrise)
topped off
tapped out
pushed in
pulled out.
speakin of softness...
im warmed up
brushed off
talked tough
speakin of spittin...
im out

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Horror Stories

It's Monday and I'm still hearing about what me and my lone star were up to Halloween, Friday night. The day started so promising. I drove out to Dripping Springs in the morning with a few friends and did a 3.5 hr ride through the autumn leaves of the hill country. My band, Quik Release, an all messenger band, had our first show that night. We rehearsed 5 hrs the night before and I was pretty close to losing my voice by the end of rehearsal. On the ride I isolated myself and used the opportunity to get my vocal chords warmed up. I'm sure some farmer thought I was a cyclist on a walkabout.

Our set was only about 18 minutes. 7 original punk tunes, one reggae jam and two covers. The band got together about an hour and half before to get "warmed up." We rocked the place and then it was time to get our Halloween on. Here's what I hear happened...

-I asked a friend of mine to marry me and have babies
-I found a guy on the street dressed as a puppet and broke his costume trying to control him
-I stuck my camera in my bibs and dropped it in the toilet when I forgot it was in there and pulled my bibs down to pee
-I started giving everyone hi-fives and apparently followed people if they refused
-I kissed another friend
-I have too many pictures in my dead camera that shows me hanging on someone
-there is a random picture of a girl dressed as a peacock in my camera, someone said i groped her
-i crashed my bike on the way home, twice
-i dropped my lock in the street and told my friend that i didn't need it anymore, just leave it!
-I had a friend bring me home and she was smart enough to realize I was about to puke and got me a trash can....